I am a voracious reader and traveler who loves history and mystery.  Genealogy became a passion when I retired because there is always another mystery to uncover.

My frequent travel and moves offered a great opportunity to meet new people and observe cultural  differences and our universal motivations. These motivations fascinate me and have formed the fundamental questions for each of my books. My need to know ‘why’ has led me into researching and learning about people, places and events in history so I decided to incorporate the historical and genealogical research into non-fiction books, published by my company, Old Age Press.

My first book “Black Sam” Fraunces began when I found a mystery, was Samuel Frauces black or white?  I began researching to learn more about this Revolutionary War hero and owner of the famous Fraunces Tavern in New York City. Using primary materials for historical events and genealogical research for his family, I was able to conclusively prove that he was a man of mixed race which placed his spying and heroic actions into a completely different perspective from anything published before.

My second book, Murders in Mendocino, arose out of research I was doing for another book about early Portuguese families in Mendocino. In combing newspaper reports I kept coming across lurid headlines about murders. Wanting to know more, of course I began to research the motivations behind these crimes and the families left behind. The book soon took on a life of its own and the long lost voices are finally heard.

My third book is a work in progress. Early Portuguese Families in Mendocino is an encyclopedia of these families who came mostly from the Azores. Why did they leave, why did they come to Mendocino and what impact did they have on the lumber industry, shops and culture of the Mendocino area? I have been very fortunate to have contributions from many descendants. With over 150 families, this is a large project.

After living in many places all over the United States and in Europe and traveling from Canada to Uruguay and from California to Viet Nam with many stops in between, I retired to Long Beach, California. I live in a 1924 National Historic Register building where I enjoy a view of the ocean and the historic Queen Mary which I actually sailed to France on after WWII.  My neighborhood is full of talented people and inspiration.

I look forward to meeting more of you.




‘Black Sam’ Fraunces – the Life and Times of a Revolutionary War Hero, Spy and Man of Color was my first published book which came out in 2016. It tells the true story of a successful free Black restaurant, inn and resort owner in Colonial New York City. His choice to spy for his new country also made him a pivotal figure in the Revolution, saving George Washington’s life twice. In gratitude, Washington asked him to become the first steward of the new country’s Executive Mansion.  ‘Black Sam’ Fraunces

Murders in Mendocino – tells the true stories of early California and how the Gold Rush and new settlers impacted the Native American people. There were many causes for murder including jealous lovers, murderous wives, claim jumpers and the feuds between the cattlemen and sheep owners. It was a wild time of vigilante justice.  Was anyone punished? What happened to the killers and the survivors?   Murders in Mendocino

Portuguese Immigrants to Mendocino – is an encyclopedia of families from the Azores who settled in Mendocino. It traces their family history back to the Azores and forward into their new adopted land. I am so grateful for the many family members who have provided stories and photos! I hope this will be a great resource for genealogists and history buffs. Fifty percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Kelley House Museum in Mendocino. Due out in 2018. Portuguese Immigrants to Mendocino

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